• Hotel staff should acquire the essential skills to do their jobs competently, safely and productively.
  • The program should encourage the development of a learning culture.
  • Training should be based on best practice processes and behaviours from the hospitality sector and the training industry.
  • Hotel staff should understand the key drivers of guest satisfaction.



Our methodology focuses on sustainable transformation leading to business results. The focus is effecting recordable long term improvement in the quality of service delivery, using non-traditional training techniques and practices.

To guarantee measurable impact, our training activities are conducted in three phases:

Training Needs Assessment:

At this stage, a baseline of the current experience level is established using a  questionnaire to identify key issues or areas which need increased focus. It also takes advantage of the spaced repetition theory by introducing hotel concepts before the start of the training. These concepts are reinforced during the training as well as during the post-training assessment resulting in long-term, durable retention of knowledge.

Training Delivery:

During this phase, the training itself is done, with related concepts delivered together.

Post Training Assessment:

This stage delivers the same questionnaire as in the pre-training assessment stage. It is crucial for evaluating the efficacy of the training as well as acting as another stage of knowledge reinforcement.