Supplier Hotel Solutions Consultancy Services Nig. Ltd

Hotel Solutions Consultancy Services Nig. Ltd
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1 Authority Road Town Planning Way, Ringroad

Oyo State


  •  Management of Hotels and Personnel that will provide personalised, courteous, sincere and consistent services. 
  •  Providing ideas of value for money and nurturing of hotel management industry to a world class standard.
  •  Identifying ways of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of services to guests.
  •  Resolving difficult or unusual problems arising with Hotels.
  • Training of personnel, recruitment of staff, interactive management and professional coaching for improved performance
  •  Conduct of Associate Performance Evaluation
  •  Quality Management Skills (QMS) and Quality Action Team (QAT)
  •  Feasibility Studies and Forecasting in the hospitality industry
  • Marketing strategy and follow-up
  •  Providing latest Catering and Hotel equipment of world class standard
  • Providing legal advice on all issues related to Hotel Industry
  • Consulting for institution, industrial and hospital catering
  •  Organising Hotel Tourism packages for individual, corporate and governmental organisations

Areas of Specialization

  • Hotel Operations;
  •  Industrial Catering;
  • Tourism and Tour operations;
  •  Laundry Operations;
  •  Bakery and Confectionery;
  •  Hospital Catering;
  • Fast Food Operations;
  • Feasibility Study and Project Supervision
  • Staff Recruitment, Training and Auditing

Recommendation of Equipment/Utensil;

  • Wall Finishes;
  • Ceiling Finishes;
  •  Floor Finishes;
  •  Soft Furnishing;
  • Landscaping;
  • Interior Decorations;
  • Light Finishing;
  •  Painting Finishes;
  • Flowers & Artworks Placement.

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