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Employee benefits four seasons

Picture Source: Four Seasons

Apart from being a part of a ‘live soap opera’ in the daily hotel operations, employee benefits are some other reasons why working in a hotel is quite appealing to hoteliers. Employee benefits are compensations given to an employee in addition to the usual salary and is believed to help improve employee loyalty. These benefits differ with every organisation and also depends on the class of hotel in the hospitality industry. Below are some of the basic perks in the hotel industry employees look out for when considering their career in hospitality:

  • Free meals and uniform while on duty
  • Incentive opportunities based on company and individual performance
  • Good retirement packages and reward for long service
  • Healthcare benefits for employee and sometimes for family members
  • Joining a Pension Scheme
  • Discounted hotel room rates for employees and sometimes their family
  • Paid time off including maternity and sick leave as well as company designated holidays
  • Flexible shifts to help balance work and home as well as education
  • Training, cross training and career growth
  • Transportation to the hotel and back home

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