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All was well until we heard the fire alarm go off and there was chaos in the hotel as some guests and staff tried finding their way out of the building while others went about with their daily activities. We thought it would be an electrical fault which is known to be one the main causes of fire outbreak in hotels and motels. Obviously, one of my colleagues was having a smoke in our housekeeping store and then he heard some footsteps and assumed it was one of the supervisors or our manager walking about. He quickly threw the cigarette stick into the dustbin in the store and ran out using another route.

The contents of the bin got burnt and so did the AC unit in the store. The pillows, blankets, brochures, magazines and other amenities were also affected. Most of the items were destroyed and the interesting point is that there was a fire extinguisher in front of the store but the first two people that got there could not figure out how to use it. Eventually, the fire service team arrived at the scene and did their thing. There was so much smoke on that floor so guests had to be moved to another floor. Some guests even checked out.

I am sure my colleague is in serious trouble as we have all had Fire Training and Fire Drill - he has been in the HR office for the last two hours These are the three things went wrong  - He smoked in a non-smoking area, some people did not take the alarm seriously and finally the two people who could have minimized the damage didn't know how to use the extinguisher. The question is ' What did we do with the fire drill'?


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