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The early hours of friday morning was very funny to me as I was trying to set up my housekeeping cart in the store for my morning shift. I saw a male guest come out of a room, he was walking along the corridor and then suddenly ran back the room to knock and beg for his key and clothes. Yes, he was naked.This should be the second guest i'm seeing naked in my short housekeeping career.

I think he spent the night in a woman's room and maybe got into an argument so the woman threw him out but he left his key in the woman's room.I remember my pastor told me that working in a hotel is not a good idea for a young lady because I will be exposed to many evil things and honestly I think it can.

Anyway, I ran and hid behind the door so the guest won't be embarrassed and called my shift leader to inform my duty manager. He was given a towel and after proper identification, he was given another key to his room. I'm sure they'll sort themselves out later but I wondering why they paid for different rooms when they knew they were going to get more involved. What do I know? Shhhhhhhhhh.

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    Lolz...that's not for you to say. It best known to them.

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