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Something happened last night in my hotel when it rained. Even though I'd rather be a guest when it rains and not the housekeeper, I did not envy this particular guest. Usually when it gets very cloudy and dark, I wish I was a guest in-house, tucked in under the duvet with a 'do not disturb' sign on my door.

I got into the office this morning and heard that one of our guest was very upset with the management because his bed and floor were soaked as a result of the rain. I must agree, the storm was serious but nobody imagined the rooms getting flooded.

Obviously, the wind blew away some parts of the roof  and drops of water gathered up over the guest bed. We are still trying to find out what made the ceiling give way but the guest had a good shower in the middle of the night on his bed. I wonder what management can do to compensate this guest and by the way, He is a VIP from the commisioner of finance. So take my advice,  it's time to check roofs, ceilings, windows and doors

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