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I guess the 'customer is not always right' afterall. We had a couple who booked the weekend package and checked in on Friday. The lady started complaining about the smell in the bathroom on Saturday morning. She asked for a room move but the hotel was busy and we just had suites available. She blamed the drainage in the bathroom, the toilet and also the towels that were replaced in the room. I smelled the towels and everywhere I could in the bathroom and could not trace the foul smell. I deep cleaned the bathroom floors and surfaces again about midday but the smell wouldn’t go away.

On Sunday morning, she called the housekeeping office and complained again and asked for compensation for her displeasure. Luckily my assistant manager was on duty and was informed. He went up to the room and nicely asked the guest if he could go through everything in the bathroom and she consented. My oga found her boyfriend’s gym wear and socks nicely placed on the crowded vanity surface under their toilet bag. That was where the smell was from. He politely asked her to confirm if this was the smell and she was so embarrassed and apologized. I was so proud of my oga. I guess that’s why his salary is more than my own. I'm happy we were not in a hurry to offer the compensation to this guest asked for

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