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Weekend shifts actually do have their moments. Yesterday morning I was cleaning a guest room and I happen to eaves drop on the conversation going on between our Manager and a guest who physically slapped his guest – a prostitute. Obviously he picked up the girl at the bar on Saturday night and refused to pay her on Sunday  morning saying she did not perform very well and he wasn’t satisfied. Na wa o, how do you define satisfied now? When the girl started shouting in the room, he slapped her, threw her things out through the door but the girl refused to leave. Guess how much? 30k and this guy wouldn’t pay.

When I looked into the room, I noticed that the girl was in her underwear and had grabbed the guy’s boxers. This was one of our frequent guests and I am sure he had the money to pay but just refused to pay. My manager had to beg the guest to pay to avoid further embarrassment from the girl and prevent disturbing other guests in the hotel. The girl wasn’t ashamed and neither was our guest. He finally paid sha and was still trying to justify why he didn’t want to pay the girl. Possibly, a lot more happened in their room but can you imagine that these two adults were intimate the previous night and then Sunday morning there was so much fury and anger between the two….. but 30k a night is a lot o. So imagine I do that 3 days a week, I will earn 360k a month. It’s serious business o

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