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My Elevator Experience

Yesterday I was going to the 10th floor to attend to a guest's room and suddenly the lift stopped and there total blackout. Usually, the lift gradually opens and then you make your way out to the nearest floor but it didn't happen this time. I freaked out and used my mobile phone to locate the alarm but nobody responded. I screamed, yelled, hit the door of the lift and finally started crying.

I was gasping for breath, anxious and didn't just know what to think. Finally, the door tried opening and then stopped. The way I used my hands and forced the doors open, I couldn't believe I had such strength in me - I guess I was fighting for my life. When the door was halfway opened, I realised that the lift was in between two floors.

Should I crawl out to the lower floor or climb out on the higher? Which one is safer? I decided to say my prayers and then climbed out on the higher floor hoping the lift wont drop. I was a horrible experience and when I told my colleagues they just laughed at me. Power came back about five minutes later and  even though it felt like I had been in there for six hours, the lift engineer told me it lasted for fifteen minutes whilst apologising.


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