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Landmark Academy

Landmark Academy

Landmark Group, a consortium of hospitality units is made up of Landmark Foods Ltd Landmark Academy of Hospitality Management and Taland Hotel. The group was created over two decades ago and has remained a pioneer in hospitality innovations.

Centre for Hospitality Studies is the training division of Landmark Academy of Hospital Management. It is an educational, multipurpose, skills acquisition facility for preparing the new generation for employment opportunities in the growing global hospitality and tourism industry.

The school is geared towards filling the gap for craftsmanship in various sectors of the industry. Certificates in crafts which have national and international recognition will be awarded. It is also envisaged that others who wish to enhance their skills in hospitality crafts techniques for personal development will find the programmes beneficial.

Courses are in four (4) modules, each progressing from the basic level to intermediate and advance levels. Students must have completed secondary school education and must pass a selection test.

Short refresher courses are also available for professionals who need to keep abreast of industry innovations.

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