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International Radio Alphabets

INTERNATIONAL RADIO COMMUNICATIONS - RADIO CODE ALPHABETS Have you ever wondered what booking agents are always talking about when making your reservations? Well, here they are - your radio alphabets from A-Z. These are the internationally accepted codes in order to avoid incorrect spellings your details. Get to know their meanings and synonyms; they may be easier to remember. - ALPHA Dominant, Chief, Leading, First - BRAVO Congratulations, Well done, Good job - CHARLIE A name - DELTA An outlet or channel - ECHO Resonance, Repeat, Ricochet - FOXTROT A type of dance - GOLF A type of sport - HOTEL It’s an establishment or building where people pay for lodging, meals and other MICE facilities - INDIA It’s a country in Asia - JULIET It’s a smaller inner natural satellite of Uranus - KILO It’s a form of weight measurement - LIMA It’s a type of pulses - MIKE A short for Microphone or Michael - NOVEMBER It’s the 11th month of the Gregorian calendar - OSCAR It’s a trademark for the golden statuette awarded by the academy of motion picture arts and sciences to people in film industry for achievements in the making of movies - PAPA It’s another name for father - QUEBEC It’s a province in Canada - ROMEO A womanizer, seducer or Casanova - SIERRA A range of mountains with jagged peaks, or a country surrounding such a range - TANGO It’s a type of Latin American dance - UNIFORM It signifies identity or consistency - VICTOR A winner or champion - WHISKY A form of liquor or alcohol - X-RAY Electromagnetic radiation - YANKEE Someone from America - ZULU A South African living in northern KwaZulu-natal region or a Bantu language spoken in eastern South Africa

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