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Earlier this year, we had a new recruit in our hotel. She is beautiful and was very polite and friendly but now she thinks the hotel revolves around her. I heard she barges into meetings when she likes, she responds to GM the way she likes, she does not greet people anymore, she is always closing late claiming to be doing some paper work for the GM.

I don't even want to describe how her dressing has changed. She was a temporary staff but in 3 months, she was confirmed as permanent staff. This is not how things are done in our hotel.

She is in finance department but the way things are going, I think she'll soon become the PA to GM. Last night I saw two of them in a shop and the things my eyes saw, I cannot say. It expalins why she suddenly changed and now I have concluded that there is something happening between her and our married GM. Let's watch and see.

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