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Today’s world is highly utilizing social media as a low cost medium of marketing and so far in Nigeria, international brands are the hotels making good use of it. Many Nigerian hotels do not have social media pages and the few that have are not doing maximizing the potential of these tools. Some hotel pages do not have any picture, some do not have contact details and some use them as platform for motivational and spiritual messages. Below are 10 ways to use your social media platform:

  • Separate social media for guests from social media for staff
  • Do not choke your guests with too many daily posts
  • Keep your social media page active and interactive
  • Only post relevant information e.g. promotions, new product/service or events or news they need to know like awards
  • Make your profile page attractive and self-explanatory
  • Respond to your guests comments professionally and encourage them to review your hotel
  • Update your page with clear professional pictures regularly to keep the page alive. Encourage your guests to share pictures but be careful here….
  • Marketing can also involve connecting and networking with your target group e.g. companies
  • Do not abuse hashtags, keep it simple and straight to the point
  • You can link your guests to tourists destination around the hotel just in case they need to get some air

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