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The  Chairman of Bon Hotels International West Africa, Mr Otto Stehlik, has said the group will continue to be in the forefront of the efforts to ensure that Nigerians have the rights skills that will drive the nation’s tourism and hospitality sectors of the economy. According to him, whatever challenges Nigeria is facing in terms of making tourism and hospitality a national revenue earner,  will become a thing of the past, when basic issues that slows the economy are resolved.

The group recently made a Nigerian, Mr Paul Umoh, the first African to be in charge of an international hotel group. It would be recalled that Mr Paul Umoh, a veteran and and ex Protea management staff was recently promoted to become the Executive Director in charge Bon Hotels International West Africas Operations. ” I have concrete reason to believe that by early to mid next year, we would have 20 hotels operating in Nigeria. So that will give us a beautiful network which will make us easily the number one operating hotel company in Nigeria”,Stehlik said.

The new Executive Director, Mr Paul Umoh, has already pledged to uphold the the tradition that has made Bon Hotels International West Africa the leading hotel group on the continent. He is there first African to to appointed into that position,ans is expected to drive the expansion of the brand on the  continent.

Source: Vanguard

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