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I was on afternoon shift today and the day was going very well when suddenly, there was total black out in the room I was cleaning. I waited for the usual 3mins change over but the wait got longer. I finally stepped out of the room and realised the the darkness was in the entire building.

I took the stairs carefully through the nearest exist and praying I wouldn't run into any angry guest. Unfortunately, other curious guests had come out of their rooms and were very furious. I tried to tell them to be calm but I didn't work as I was more confused then they were.

I finally got downstairs and realised that the 2 generators had stopped working and NEPA hadn't brought light as usual. This was when all the mobile phones with torch lights came in very handy.

After about 1 hour of no electricity in the hotel, guests started asking for a refund while others just packed their luggage and left the hotel. This is a basic need in the hotel business and it is very demoralising when basic needs cannot be met. God help our country.The whole experience was very embarrassing and I hope the problem can be fixed soon. I need my salary on time

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